Gastroneterology and Endoscopy Unit

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A.Equipped with modern equipment

We do:

  1. Upper GI endoscopy
  2. Lower GI endoscopy:  Sigmoidoscopy and Colonoscopy
  3. ERCP – including inserting biliary and pancreatic stents.
  4. Double Balloon enteroscopy
  5. Capsule endoscopy
  6. Insertion of Gastric Balloon for weight loss

B. Procedures performed:

  1. Oesophageal band ligation
  2. Histoacryl injection for gastric varices
  3. Achalasia  dilatation
  4. PEG and feeding tube placement
  5. Dilation of strictures of oesophagus, pylorus, small and large intestines.
  6. Metallic stent insertion for oesphageal, plyloric, duodenum and colonic strictures.
  7. Argon Plasma Coagulation (APC) treatment
  8. Polyp removal
  9. Screening colonoscopy
  10. Bronchoscopy services
  11. Urea Breath testing for Helicobactor Pylori
  12. Hydrogen Breath testing for Lactose Intolerance

D.Gastrointestinal Surgery:

We pioneered laparoscopic surgery we did the first laparoscopic cholyceystecomy in Sudan.

We do laparoscopic:

  1. Appendectomy
  2. Cholyceystecomy
  3. Hiatus Hernia repair
  4. Gastric surgery
  5. Sleeve Gastrectomy and Mini Gastric Bypass (for weight loss)

We also do:

Advanced pancreatic and hepato-biliary surgery e.gwhipple operation partial hepatectomies.Treatment of liver diseases including hepatitis B and C.